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Master Lease Program

Coming Soon!

Real estate continues to be one of the most consistent investments available. However, the instability that comes with vacancies, repairs and renovations, taxes, certificates, and renewals can scare new investors and sour the experience.

Real Estate Property Management is a viable option for some portfolios, but what happens with an underperforming management company? What can you do when high vacancies and unfavorable End of Contract terms threaten to deeply cut into your bottom line? Instead of worrying about all that, simply focus on building your portfolio and let us take care of the rest.

With a dedicated and experienced team of real estate professionals, your portfolio will be stabilized and your return on investment will be guaranteed.

Avenue Management Group is proud to launch a game changer: the Master Leasing Program for Investors. It includes everything from guaranteed monthly draws and professional care and improvements to first option buyer opportunities on performing and under-performing projects. Never worry about vacancies, maintenance calls, and management duties again.

Contact us for details.